Clients sometimes ask – why in the 21st Century would I use a product originally designed in the 18th ?

It’s a good question, and one that can be answered in many ways, some of which I detail below :

  • The Bramah mechanism was originally designed in 1784. It has been challenged many times over the centuries sometimes with slight changes to the design as a consequence; but essentially the core design is the same. Not many products have stood the test of time so well.
  • The Bramah lock is the original bump-proof lock. The menace of bumping locks open is a problem that will not go away, information on the process is all over the internet and the vast majority of locks sold today can be vulnerable to the attack. Bramah is 100 % bump-proof.
  • Modern cylindrical deadbolts are vulnerable to physical attack in many different ways, The Bramah mechanism is contained within the hardened steel lock case inside the door – as such it is very well protected against many forms of attack.
  • In the event that a key is lost for a Bramah lock very significant challenges will be faced by even a skilled locksmith in gaining entry through a Bramah deadlock, in such a case our advise to clients is to arrange alternative accommodation until a replacement key can be provided. It will generally be less expensive than the repairs necessary to the door or frame that will be required if the Bramah deadlock is to be defeated.
  • The Bramah deadlock offers great security with a very low visual impact on the face of the door, no large surface mounted cylinders or deadbolts in raised bosses, the Bramah deadlock offers low profile neat and discreet sliding escutcheons.
  • Clients observe that Bramah products are not inexpensive, and that may be the case. However Bramah locks can reasonably be expected to last many years with a little care and attention. The mechanisms are robust and built to last – not designed to meet a price point for mass market sales.

Bramah – the choice of the security concious and discerning client for 230 years.