Bramah today are almost unique among lock manufacturers ! We produce high quality, durable & secure products that are built in our own factory to  meet our exacting  specifications – not to  a price point. Products of quality, strength and security that have stood the test of time. There are Bramah locks in use today that have been in regular use for over a 100 years.

Bramah’s lineage in lock making is second to none, Bramah were there right at the beginning of the industrial revolution, some of the very first machine tools ever made were designed and built for Bramah’s factory. Henry Maudslay is credited with inventing the screw cutting lathe while employed by Bramah.

Bramah was a prolific inventor, he invented the hydraulic press, bank note numbering equipment, beer pumps, the flushing toilet and of course the Bramah lock.

The Bramah mechanism in it’s current form was designed in 1963. The Bramah MD deadlock was the 1st lock to be awarded the coveted British standard for thief resistant locks.

Every Bramah key is unique and will never be repeated. The mechanism offers in excess of half a million key variations.

Bramah keys can be registered by their owner to ensure optimal key control. The tight tolerances makes their duplication by hand technically challenging. No third-party commercial equipment is available to cut Bramah keys, as such genuine keys can only be produced by Bramah in London & Bramah Australasia.

For quality, discrete security & proven durability look no further than Bramah security locks.