Locking Bolts&Staples
An overview of the popular Rola Renown locking bolt product range.

Bramah’s Rola product line was named after the rolling sash window stop designed by the Company in the 1950’s to secure wooden sash windows. Since then, the range has been expanded for alternative types of windows, and windows made of aluminium, steel and UVPC, as well perimeter French doors, back gates, and garden sheds. Rola locks are available in a variety of finishes, including Nickel, Brass, and White. Polished Chrome is available as a special order. All Rola products operate using the common Rola key.

The Rola Mechanism
Conceived as a simple, small, non standard, single differ shape, the Rola mechanism is machined or assembled into all products. Depending on the specific Rola product, when turning the mechanism, the effect is either to directly lock or unlock a bolt or to secure an item in a locked or unlocked position. The key required to drive the mechanism is made of steel and its end is shaped with two prongs and a length of hollow within the key. Three different lengths of key exist, with the short one designed to allow one to get behind secondary glazing and the long one to deal with deep reveals. The standard unit has a 70mm shank. The mechanism and key are long lasting and should be treated with WD40 (a light lubricant) from time to time.