Some of the different Bramah Locks available today
Some of the different Bramah Locks available today.

In 1784, Joseph Bramah designed a round lock mechanism operated by a tubular key, of such complexity and security, that he put it in his shop window and offered a reward of 200 guineas to anyone who could open it. In 1851, at the Great Exhibition in London, A.C Hobbs an American locksmith spent 52 hours spread over 16 days and claimed the prize, but the method and spirit under which it was claimed is commented on by the London Times under the heading of ‘the Great Lock Controversy’.

222 years after its manufacture, the challenge padlock is displayed at the Science Museum in London. Today, Bramah locks are in demand to secure a range of applications as diverse as explosives stores and a residential front door, a jewellery cabinet and a World Heritage Site. With a diverse and broad product portfolio many different locking requirements can be fulfilledĀ  with Bramah Locks today.

In a lock market where built in obsolescence of 21 years is standard; the Bramah lock offers something unique and unmatched.