Bramah & Bramah type locks.

Genuine Bramah, and Bramah type locks have been produced in a wide range of patterns since 1784.  Most commonly encountered are usually despatch box or jewel case locks however many other varieties exist.  Bramah Australasia can conduct minor repairs and supply replacement keys with the majority of such work being carried out here in Sydney, however where more complex repairs and parts are required the lock may have to be forwarded to London.

Such work is naturally not inexpensive being both time consuming and exacting, as such it is best entrusted to us  as we have the knowledge,  equipment & skills required to execute it correctly without detriment to the lock. We regularly encounter locks that have suffered less care during their history, we can return almost any such lock to complete & correct working order.

For clients with old locks that require service in the first instance we suggest that you contact us to discuss your requirements. Detailed photographs will usually enable us to provide an estimate for the work required, however the lock itself must be examined before a firm quotation can be supplied. In all cases despatch locks to us by registered post and ensure that you contact us before sending any locks.

The PDF files below provide further information on the history of Bramah & a guide to the markings found on their locks.

Chronological History

Antique Locks

A selection of antique bramah locks etc.
A selection of antique bramah locks etc.
Antique pieces with Bramah locks fitted.
Antique pieces with Bramah locks fitted.










Bramah Australasia offer a bespoke key making service for all types and makes of antique lock. For many such locks commercial keyblanks are unavailable, and indeed even if they are they would be unsuitable. For such locks we can design and produce keyblanks from scratch in-house. Such keys are generally made of mild steel which is then polished with four grades of emery cloth before buffing to remove tool marks. We do not electroplate such keys so they will tone and achieve patina over time.








We also carry out restorations and accept commissions to create display pieces for collectors.

This is an example of a recent restoration of a rare and interesting Hobbs & Co safe lock. This lock was cut-a-way many years ago alas no information is available as to who carried out the works.

The above image being the condition the lock was received in, the lower being the completed works and new bespoke key. The scope of works being carried out in consultation with the locks owner. (note the Philips screws shown in the image were temporary and were replaced).